January 2014 – Happy New Year to all!

Hope you had a good time wherever you are and whatever you got up to at this dark time of year.

We are very lucky in Glencairn that our community celebrates in many ways together to help herald in the lengthening days that we all look forward to. I think we feel it even more strongly here, in a part of the world that has been going through a really wet and cold few weeks with widespread floods. It amazes me though, when out on walks with the dogs, to see bulbs poking their first leaves above ground that has been under 4 foot of raging torrent.

We started the season with our traditional midwinter gathering at Wallaceton village hall – singing, harping and much merriment. Then a pre christmas carol crawl around local hostelries and many choir singing opportunities through the holidays up to a 12th night concert with the wonderful Cairn Chorus filling their lungs and lifting spirits all round. New Year`s day ( after a wonderful hogmanay with family and friends round a Snade Mill bonfire) I went to contra dance at Lauriston village hall, not realising I had broken a rib two days before when out on a healthy walk up the hill to view spectacular flooding in the glen. That evening played concertina in the scratch band at the Moniaive village ceilidh but had to bow out when the rib injury finally kicked in. Getting better now though have to remember to stop myself sneezing !

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